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2018 — 40° 26′ 20″ N 3° 41′ 25″ W

Castellana 76

Madrid — 40° 26′ 20″ N 3° 41′ 25″ W
Building comprising nine dwellings, offices y automated parking system in Paseo de la Castellana 76, Madrid. Design and construction managment.

The building at Castellana 76 was originally designed in 1911, at a time when the city oriented its development towards north, along the Paseo de la Castellana. One of the main goals of the design was to interpret the building as a succession of courtyards, preserving the facade as dictated by heritage regulations. However, the addition of three more levels creates a new front that complements the existing one with new connections, transparencies and textures.

From Paseo de la Castellana, residents make their entrance through a renovated lobby which nonetheless keeps its majestic doorway and original staircase. Dwellings are located in the upper levels and are equipped with cutting-edge technology and warm décor.

With its distinguished appearance, Castellana 76 recalls the tradition of stately houses erected along this important thoroughfare. The building seeks to redefine luxury through generous spaces, a sense of calm and a deep understanding of the inhabitants’ requirements.

What had been an early 20th-century residence is now a completely revamped smart building. Offices occupy the first two levels, whereas the remaining five contain two flats per floor.

The project team took special care of preserving the grandeur that makes the building a unique place to live in. Through the design phase, consultation with the Heritage Department of Madrid City Council provided valuable information about the building history.

The proposal preserves the facade while improving other aspects of construction, extends the building lifespan by restoring its function in accordance with new needs and offers the city a sustainable legacy for years to come.

Paseo de la Castellana 76, Madrid
5.172,64 m²
Batinvest S.A.
February 2015 - June 2018
in progress
Residential Collective

Begoña Díaz-Urgorri Emparanza (architect)
Leon Benazerraf Botbol (architect)

Roland Halbe / Imagen Subliminal (vídeo)